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The Next Chapter…

Think about the last book you read. How did you feel at the end of a chapter as you turned the page to begin the next? No doubt, it depends on the book. I’ve been reading Andrew Bonar: His Diary and Life, and the “chapters” are based on huge chunks of years at a time. […]

Goodbye, Encourager

As of this year, I’ve been in pastoral ministry of one form or another for 39 years. I’ve been blessed through those years to have known a few of God’s people whom I would call “encouragers.” Unfortunately, the ratio of encouragers to discouragers is, well, discouraging. Nevertheless, one good, faithful encourager can do a great […]


How many times has this happened to you? I sat down at my desk, opened some books, readied pen and paper (yes, “old school,” I know) preparing to get into a good session of study, when all of a sudden, “ding”! My phone let me know that someone just sent me a text. Well, I […]

Climb to the Top!

To call Yosemite’s El Capitan a “cliff” is an understatement; it is an almost incomprehensible behemoth, a 3,200-foot wall of granite that rises vertically from a valley. So begins an article on billingsgazette.com reviewing the National Geographic film documentary Free Solo. I happened upon the film the other evening as I was watching a movie […]

Quick to Forget…

Amazing how quickly I can forget something important. Early this morning, I had read Numbers 11-13 and did the appropriate “tsk, tsk” at those ungrateful Israelites. It hadn’t even been two years prior that they were grinding away day after day in abject poverty and humiliating slavery. The oppressive conditions compelled God’s people repeatedly to […]