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Recent Posts

Monopoly Faith

The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. A single key play could make one partnership a ton of money, but certainly lead to the bankruptcy of another. Or if the second partnership got the play, the first’s control would be broken. I’m getting ahead of myself. The […]

A Word of Encouragement

How well would you do trying to put your foot through a ¾ inch board? Personally, I think I’d end up with a bruised heel rather than a split board! Nevertheless, that was the challenge confronting our almost-six-year-old grandson at his recent Tae Kwon Do belt test as he attempted to earn his Bo Belt—one […]

In the Autumn of the Year…

I am finally getting to the stage of life where my better half and I have begun talking about the “R” word—you know, “retirement.” Frankly, it’s not on the near horizon, but by squinting a bit we can see it off in the distance. It’s autumn—not only on the calendar, but in our lives, and […]

The Best Apples!

For many of us in the upper Midwest, making the annual autumn pilgrimage to an apple orchard has become a favorite family outing. Orchards have caught on to the trend and added quite an array of activities to attract guests—mostly those with young children. I can appreciate that. It’s good to get the kids outside, […]

Subtle Seducers

A couple thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul certainly had no idea that such a monolithic beast as the internet would exist, so he couldn’t see specifically how his prophetic statement would play out in the “net” era. Nevertheless, he predicted that “evil people and imposters will go on from bad to worse.” [2 Timothy […]