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  • Adult Bible Study • Sundays, 9:30 a.m.
  • Sundays @ 6 p.m.

At Faith Baptist, we seek to discover what God is like &
what God likes so that we might love Him more deeply
and live for Him faithfully!

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Another Gospel?

How should you respond to the people who show up at your door on Saturday morning, wanting you to take their literature from the Watchtower Society, or claiming to be Christians from the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints (if they actually come out and tell you)? What about the guy on television who…

Resurrection Reluctance

Resurrection Sunday is just a few days away, and as you reflect on Luke 24, consider the power and glory of God in that indescribable event! If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, you came to believe in His literal, physical resurrection from the tomb, and did so without actually seeing the risen Savior…

An Uncomfortable Truth

A great deal of debate is going on in public education sectors today over whether or not children should be taught the possibility that the material universe came into existence through the work of some Intelligent Design. And how the Darwinians are up in arms! To hear the reactions of some, you would think someone…