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Recent Posts

The Best Apples!

For many of us in the upper Midwest, making the annual autumn pilgrimage to an apple orchard has become a favorite family outing. Orchards have caught on to the trend and added quite an array of activities to attract guests—mostly those with young children. I can appreciate that. It’s good to get the kids outside, […]

Subtle Seducers

A couple thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul certainly had no idea that such a monolithic beast as the internet would exist, so he couldn’t see specifically how his prophetic statement would play out in the “net” era. Nevertheless, he predicted that “evil people and imposters will go on from bad to worse.” [2 Timothy […]

A Sad Legacy

It’s been two and a half months since my father died, following a three-year decline inflicted by Parkinson’s Disease. The journey was difficult in many ways, as one might imagine. But with the passing of time, it seems the farther I move away from the finality of it all, the impact becomes more evident. As […]

The Next Chapter…

Think about the last book you read. How did you feel at the end of a chapter as you turned the page to begin the next? No doubt, it depends on the book. I’ve been reading Andrew Bonar: His Diary and Life, and the “chapters” are based on huge chunks of years at a time. […]

Goodbye, Encourager

As of this year, I’ve been in pastoral ministry of one form or another for 39 years. I’ve been blessed through those years to have known a few of God’s people whom I would call “encouragers.” Unfortunately, the ratio of encouragers to discouragers is, well, discouraging. Nevertheless, one good, faithful encourager can do a great […]