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Trail Magic Surprise

by Bryan Bice

I recently had the opportunity to attend a ministry conference in Riverside, California—about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. I was warned that it would be hot and dry, and indeed it was for two of the three full days I was there. That didn’t deter me from taking my hiking boots and poles so […]


by Bryan Bice

Refreshing! That word’s been used to describe everything from a soft drink, to a vacation destination in the Caribbean, to a couple hours at a day spa. And one could certainly enjoy a measure of refreshment from each of those. I’m looking for refreshment of a different sort this week while attending the Refresh Conference […]

The Solace of Solitiude

by Bryan Bice

It what would seem to some as an act of sheer insanity, in the middle of the afternoon on New Year’s Day—when it was -5º outside—I donned my Smartwools®, ear muffs, down jacket, and gloves, and went for a couple-mile walk on the Rock River Sinnissippi Park trail. Along the path, I came across a […]

Green Pastures

by Bryan Bice

One of the many things I’ve always loved about Vermont is the lush, vibrant colors, especially this time of year. By now, of course, the beautiful leaves have given up the battle to stay attached to their life-giving branches, fallen to the ground, and are in various stages of decay. Nevertheless, the stunning colors of […]