An Uncomfortable Truth

A great deal of debate is going on in public education sectors today over whether or not children should be taught the possibility that the material universe came into existence through the work of some Intelligent Design. And how the Darwinians are up in arms! To hear the reactions of some, you would think someone is advocating the abolition of education altogether.

Imagine if someone actually tried to tell children the truth about where we came from and how the world around us came into existence. Imagine the firestorm if a 7th grade public school science teacher laid aside her textbook and opened a Bible to Colossians 1. Of course, she’d be looking for a job the next day, but at least her students would’ve been exposed to the truth.

And what is that truth?

That Jesus Christ created all things: the billions of stars, the planets, Earth, the endless array of plants, animals, and sea creatures that inhabit our globe, and even the spirit beings that we inherently know are “out there,” but cannot see (v. 16).

Furthermore, He is the “glue” that holds it all together. Scientists know there’s something, some inexplicable force, that keeps atoms from blowing apart—but what? They’re stumped. Oh, yes, they posit their theories to which they attach impressive terms, but when it comes right down to it, they really don’t know. Colossians 1:17 explains that “by [Jesus Christ] all things consist” or hold together.

And finally, we’re given a reason for it all (v. 18). That’s one of the mysteries of the ages, isn’t it? It’s one thing to posit theories of our origins; it’s another thing to answer why we’re here. Of course, if one subscribes to the evolutionary model, there are no answers to the “why” questions. As a recent exhibit in a London zoo demonstrates, evolutionists see human beings as simply another animal form. No higher, nobler purpose for existence than merely trying to keep oneself alive for as long as possible. Why? Just because it’s the creature’s instinct.

The truth sets us free from such a hopeless and ultimately narcissistic existence. Jesus Christ created all things and keeps it all together so that “in all things, he might have the preeminence.” In other words, we exist—along with the rest of creation—to glorify God. But man is unique in all of creation in that God has given us a book, the Bible, to explain how we can do so. The plants, animals, stars, and so on glorify Him by pointing us to Him. We glorify Him by believing His Word and living accordingly.


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