Truth for Trials

It’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed with all in our world that is contrary to the Christian faith. Reading the paper, watching TV, a casual perusal at the grocery store checkout, simple observation of people—all these things can surely give the impression that someone wanting to live his life according to the principles, precepts, and dictates of Scripture is in a woeful minority.

But 1 Peter 1 gives us reason to be encouraged and hopeful.

First, the inspired Apostle points out that our salvation is due to the gracious work of God (vv. 1-3), and he has saved us to be recipients of an eternal inheritance that no one can take away (v. 4). Furthermore, the genuinely converted are permanently secure in the Father’s hand (v. 6). Those facts alone can compel us to rejoice even in the face of pretty severe trials (vv. 6-9).

Yet the more we think about and understand all that is involved in God’s working out our salvation, we should, “gird up the loins of [our] mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto [us] at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (v. 13).

In other words, we should find great encouragement!

The Christian life is more than being perpetually encouraged in the face of difficulties, though. These truths of our salvation should also compel us to live differently. The way we lived in our unconverted state—doing whatever we wanted, pursuing whatever desire presented itself—is no way to live as a Christian. Instead, we are to be holy, set apart unto the Lord, in every area of life.


Because our Father is holy, set apart unto Himself from the ungodliness of sinful humanity (vv. 14-17).

Ah, but if we live differently from everyone else, won’t this only aggravate our discomfort? Well, yes, indeed it will. Why should we do so, then?

Go back and read verse 2-5. There’s reason enough.

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