A Celebration to Eclipse Christmas!

This is the season of celebrating and rejoicing in the birth of Jesus Christ. We make much of this time of the year, even more than of Easter. Of course, really, each Sunday is supposed to be a celebration of the resurrection—but I digress.

Numerous songs of praise have been written extolling the birth of Jesus and of the Christ-child Himself. It seems, in fact, that every detail of the Christmas story has a song written about it. Even details not in the historical record have songs (e.g. The Little Drummer Boy). Such celebration and praise is certainly worthy of the One who came to be our Redeemer, but it pales in comparison to the worship He will receive from His own someday.

Revelation describes a scene in heaven that must have been incredible for John to behold.

A swelling chorus of “Alleluia” echoes through the halls of heaven as first a great voice ascribes praise and honor unto the Lord our God. The voice is followed by the twenty-four elders saying, “Amen, Alleluia.” Again, the voice calls all of heaven to worship, and an innumerable multitude responds with a thunderous affirmation of the Lord God’s omnipotence.

All of this is prelude to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb—the permanent union of the Lord Christ to His bride, the church.

And then He enters the scene.

Not as a helpless infant cradled in His mother’s arms, but in matchless power and dignity as the King of kings and Lord of lords! Not to become a “victim” crucified on a cross, but as Judge preparing to consummate the ages and usher in eternity.

As you celebrate Christ’s birth this weekend, keep in mind the ultimate celebration to come!


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