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Meditations for Resurrection Sunday 2020 (Page 6)

Why Christ Arose

Why he arose, we have many reasons:
1.  That he might powerfully convince or confound his adversaries, they that crucified him were mightily afraid of his resurrection….

2. That he might confirm the faith of all his followers….

3.   That it might clearly appear that he had fully satisfied the justice of God for sin; so it was, that God laid the forfeiture of the bond on Christ, he arrested him, brought him to the jail of the grave, and there he was till the debt was paid to the uttermost farthing; and then, that it might clearly appear that the bond was cancelled, the prisoner discharged, God’s justice satisfied, he arose again from the dead.

4.   That he might overcome and conquer sin, death, and the devil, and hence the apostle cries victory, upon the occasion of Christ’s resurrection, “O death, where is thy sting! O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55). Now was the day he broke the prison, and carried the keys of death and hell at his own girdle. Now was the day that he spoiled principalities and powers, that he trode on the serpent’s head, and all to bruise it; that he came upon him, took from him his armor wherein he trusted, and divided his spoils. Now was the day that the Jew lost his rage, and death his sting, and the grave his corruption, and hell his purchase! Now was the day of victory over all his enemies! Now was the day that the Phoenix sprung up out of its own ashes, that Jonah came safe out of the belly of the whale, that the tabernacle of David that was fallen was raised again, that the sun of righteousness covered with a cloud, appeared and shone with greater lustre than before; that Samson took the gates of the city, and carried them away. He rose up even on that account.

Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus, pp. 416-417


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