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Meditations for Resurrection Sunday 2020 (Page 4)

Infallible Certainty

That our Lord Jesus Christ, though laid, was not lost in the grave, but the third day revived and rose again, is a truth confirmed to us by many infallible proofs, as Luke witnesseth (Acts 1:3). We have testimonies of it, both from heaven and earth, and both infallible. From heaven, we have the testimony of angels, and to the testimony of an angel, all credit is due; for angels are holy creatures and cannot deceive us. The angel tells the two Marys, in the text, “He is risen.”

We have testimonies of it from men, holy men, who were eyewitnesses of this truth, to whom he showed himself alive by the space of forty days after his resurrection, no less than nine solemn apparitions to them. Sometimes five hundred brethren saw him at once (1 Corinthians 15:6). These were holy persons, who durst not deceive, and who confirmed their testimony with their blood. So that no point of religion is of more confessed truth, and infallible certainty than this before us.

— John Flavel

From the Caverns

Blest Savior, to my heart more dear

Than balmy gales of vital air;

Were Thy soul-cheering presence gone,

What use of breath, unless to groan?

Thy Father’s royal hand hath shed,

In rich profusion on Thy head,

Ten thousand graces; Thou alone

Canst share, and canst adorn His throne.

But see the Sov’reign captive led,

Snar’d in the pit, which traitors made,

Fetter’d with ignominious bands,

And murder’d by rebellious hands.

Ye saints, to your expiring King

Your tributary sorrow bring;

In loyal crowds assemble round,

And bath in tears each precious wound.

But from the caverns of the grave

He springs, omnipotent to save;

The captive King ascends and reigns,

And drags His conquer’d foes in chains.

Beneath His shade our souls shall live,

In all the rapture heav’n can give;

Where Zion never shall deplore,

And heathens vex His church no more.

Philip Doddridge


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