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Time to Vacate

by Bryan Bice

Like most people, we look forward to a couple of weeks a year when we can get away from the everyday responsibilities of work and home—“vacation” as we call it. In a matter of hours, we will have left behind the drab, chilly upper Midwest for the warmer climes of the Gulf of Mexico coast. […]

Vital Signs

by Bryan Bice

How’s your IRA doing these days? One of the ways you can keep track of it—though as I understand it, it’s not a great idea—is to keep your eye on the daily stock market report with all of its ups & downs. Probably a better method is to pay attention to those quarterly reports you […]

Winter Wonderland

by Bryan Bice

In contrast to the bright hues of springtime, the variegated greens of summer, and the warm colors of autumn, winter can seem somewhat drab—bare trees, white (if there’s any snow) or brown ground, and short, often cloudy, days. And yet…. Driving across the Rock River bridge this morning, with the sun barely over the horizon […]

Snow Treasures

by Bryan Bice

In 2014 in the Scottish region of Fife, 14-year-old David Hall was doing a bit of exploring with his metal detector when, suddenly, it started beeping like crazy! You ever been to the beach and seen the old guys out there with their metal detectors, hoping to find a quarter or two, or maybe a […]