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by Bryan Bice

Refreshing! That word’s been used to describe everything from a soft drink, to a vacation destination in the Caribbean, to a couple hours at a day spa. And one could certainly enjoy a measure of refreshment from each of those. I’m looking for refreshment of a different sort this week while attending the Refresh Conference […]

Pondering the Eagles….

by Bryan Bice

I’ve never been a great fan of winter. Sure, as a kid I had fun sledding, building an occasional snowman or two, and battling a bit in snowball wars. But I’ve always preferred the warmer days of spring, summer, and fall. Part of the reason for my distaste for the cold weather is surely due […]

Uh-Oh! Different Gifts!

by Bryan Bice

One of the biggest mistakes parents of more than one child can make is showing favoritism towards one of their children. What’s the depth of emotional hurt when an adult child says to his sibling, “Yeah, well, mom always liked you better!” Don’t you have to wonder how much family dysfunction is due to either […]

Hospitality Surprise!

by Bryan Bice

In the course of reading the familiar story of Abraham’s encounter with three strangers (Genesis 18)—a story I’ve read dozens of times—I was reminded of some of the experiences of thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT). Could you imagine yourself driving along a relatively quiet rural two-lane highway, approaching a couple of scraggly looking characters […]

The Solace of Solitiude

by Bryan Bice

It what would seem to some as an act of sheer insanity, in the middle of the afternoon on New Year’s Day—when it was -5º outside—I donned my Smartwools®, ear muffs, down jacket, and gloves, and went for a couple-mile walk on the Rock River Sinnissippi Park trail. Along the path, I came across a […]