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Green Pastures

by Bryan Bice

One of the many things I’ve always loved about Vermont is the lush, vibrant colors, especially this time of year. By now, of course, the beautiful leaves have given up the battle to stay attached to their life-giving branches, fallen to the ground, and are in various stages of decay. Nevertheless, the stunning colors of […]

“This is the way…”

by Bryan Bice

On a recent visit to our former home state of Vermont, my wife and I decided to hike to the summit of the state’s highest mountain, Mt. Mansfield. Although I knew which trail we were going to take and where the trailhead was, I wanted a little more information—like how long the trail was, how […]

The Ripple Effect

by Bryan Bice

It was just a tiny creature, breaking the glassy stillness of the pond on a cool autumn morning. But his foray to the surface sent a ripple effect across the once-calm water. On Friday, September 26, a despondent contract worker at the Aurora, Illinois, air traffic control center sought to take his life by dousing […]