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Summer’s Ended…

by Bryan Bice

In many respects, autumn is my favorite season of the year. The crisp, cool air is a welcome relief to the warm and humid days of August. Most years, the dark green of our Midwestern trees gives way to vibrant red and gold and orange, along with muted burgundy, an occasional pink, and pale yellows and […]

A Rewarding Search!

by Bryan Bice

A few years ago for Christmas I received a hand-held GPS, and shortly thereafter discovered the hobby of “geocaching.” Have you heard of it? Basically, it’s a sort of high-tech scavenger hunt, usually in search of a hidden “treasure”—the cache. Now a cache can be anything as large as an ammo box, well hidden in […]

The Morning Fog

by Bryan Bice

The morning fog this time of year can be a beautiful thing. While shrouding the landscape in mist, the hovering cloud can either dull the colors to various shades of gray, or it can be awash with the golden hues cast by the soft light of a rising sun. But fog can be a dangerous […]