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‘Til the Storm Passes…

by Bryan Bice

The other day, a very powerful storm arose suddenly from the west and hit the Sauk Valley with strong, damaging winds and a deluge of rain. The impact of that storm is still evident in the area. Half a tree had fallen on a house in our neighborhood; the roof is tarped, and the fallen […]

The Day Dawns…

by Bryan Bice

6:22 a.m. Head down, eyes fixed on the gray concrete path before me, I turned the corner of 6th Ave. and 21st St, heading east again on my 2-mile morning walk. Lifting my head for a moment, just long enough to get my bearings and be sure of a clear road ahead, I was smitten […]

Why a Bible Conference???

by Bryan Bice

For four days, September 7-10, Faith Baptist will be hosting the Eternal Issues Bible Conference, with Pastor Tom Robbins from Faith Baptist Church in Camp Point, Illinois, who will deliver five messages from the one-chapter books of the Bible. Why are we doing this? Aren’t schedules busy enough? Don’t we have enough to do? Why […]