Oh the Joys!

Have you ever noticed that no matter how “new & improved” a so-called upgrade is that it never comes without some kind of aggravation? So we’ve just updated the website, and for novices like this pastor, the process is never simple, smooth, and carefree. I have a history of this, going all the way back to the mid-90s when we upgraded from MSWindows 3.11 to Windows95. For all its being touted as a wonderful transition, it was an absolute nightmare.

This transition has been so much smoother, thanks to the help of a very accomplished web-guy who got everything set up. My job is the tweaking that has been going on the last couple weeks…and probably will continue in the weeks ahead. The expert’s help notwithstanding, there’s a learning curve on my part. So…expect some funky glitches!

So, as one must do with a new believer who transitions instantly from the old life to the new, grace and patience are needed. Bear with him, and the joys will continue as he grows in Christ. Likewise, bear with me and hopefully there will be something worthwhile each time you visit.