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Several years ago our family went on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. We were novices at the whole outdoor adventure thing, so it was a bit overwhelming trying to decide which of the plethora of hikes to do near the campground where we were staying. I finally settled on a […]

Trail Magic Surprise

I recently had the opportunity to attend a ministry conference in Riverside, California—about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. I was warned that it would be hot and dry, and indeed it was for two of the three full days I was there. That didn’t deter me from taking my hiking boots and poles so […]

Happy Birthday!

I have a theory about birthday celebrations. Just a theory, but based on very limited personal observations. It seems we go full circle in our attitude toward this annual milestone. I have a couple of preschool-aged grandsons, and if you mention “birthday party,” they get pretty excited—even more so if it’s their party! That birthday […]

Clay Pots

You probably have some of these items lying around, maybe stacked a few high in your garage. That’s where ours are. These old clay pots aren’t particularly attractive, are they? But they are functional. We’ve used them to get plants started for transplanting later. A larger one in our collection holds a few flowering plants […]

Fading Flowers

The 16-mile Hennepin Canal Trail begins about ten minutes from our home—well technically, it’s the Hennepin Canal Feeder Trail that connects to the actual Hennepin Canal Trail, which is basically a rail trail running about 100 miles from the Rock River in Moline to the Illinois River in Hennepin. Anyway, we enjoy visiting the trail fairly […]